Feature Film / 94 min. / Digital / B&W /2018

Original title: HRA

Language: Cezch with English subtitles

Director: Alejandro Fernández Almendras

Producers: Veronika Finková, Bruno Bettati, Augusto Matte, Guillamue De Saille. Alejandro Fernández Almendras.

Production companies: Film & Roll (República Checa), Jirafa (Chile), Arizona (Francia)

Production Design: Hynek Drizhal

Director of Photography: Inti Briones

Sound: Klára Javoriková

Editing: Alejandro Fernández Almendras

Cast: Jirí Mádl, Marika Soposká, Elizaveta Maximová, Jirí Strébol, Vladmíra Benoni, Jeroslay Slánsky, Jan Krafka, Sarah Havácvá, Ondrej Marly.

Format: DCP

Sound format: Dolby 5.1


The world of a young theatre director in a small Czech town crumbles, after he decides to realize his dream - adapt an overly ambitious play based on Euripides' classic Fedra.  During rehearsals he looses his two main actors and falls for a young actress Karolina. Tensions at his home grow. He's not much of a present husband and a father. And to make things worse, municipality threatens to cut funding due to the play’s political content. The day of the premiere comes and our protagonist, abandoned by both of his women, desperately tries to save his masterpiece. However the play is a fiasco. Devastated, he collects last pieces left of his life, but is it far too late?

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